Dr. J. Allen Blair

Webmaster Testimony

I first became aware of Dr. J. Allen Blair when listening to the radio station WHVN while commuting to work in uptown Charlotte. NC. It was a 15 minute program called Glad Tidings Radio that was broadcast several times a day. As a recent Christian, his voice and message seemed to resonate most with me and seemed more authentic or meaningful than some of the others. One year at around Christmas time, there was an offer to purchase the entire library of Dr. Blair's book at a reduced price and I took advantage of it. At that point in my faith, I was intellectually sold on on the gospel but it was while reading through Dr. Blair's books that I surrendered my heart to Jesus. It would be hard not to read his books and not establish a personal relationship with Jesus as he gives the invitation at the conclusion of almost every chapter :-)

At some point, I began to have an email correspondence with Gary Janes who is the husband of one Dr. Blair's daughters named Judy. Gary was running Glad Tidings Radio at the time. I had no idea that the ministry was based in Charlotte where I lived and was surprised to find out that Gary lived less than 10 minutes from my house! I was a software developer at the time and offered to assist in any way that I could with the ministry. Gary and Judy were spending a lot of time in the delivery of the tracts/messages that were available for order via the glad tidings website. I was able to automate that process by writing a program to email the tracts out immediately after order entry with no manual intervention required. This freed Gary and Judy up to focus on other more significant tasks.

Now, the Glad Tidings Radio organization is no more but Dr. Blair's messages can still be heard on the Bible Broadcasting Network (BBN). The Glad Tidings website is no longer available for the purchase of Dr. Blair's books, but Gary Janes has given me the permission and privilege to post them online as ebooks so that they are still available to those with a love for the Word of God. I spent many years posting them one at a time via Project Gutenberg to make them all available. Now that they are all uploaded in pdf format, I have created the jallenblair.com website to highlight them and am starting to make the audio available as well.

His book Living Reliably on The 23rd Psalm is particularly special and is an essential Christian read. To me, it's one of the top Christian books ever written and should be read over and over again. I have read it at least seven times and will surely continue to turn to it throughout the remainder of my years.


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